Monday, August 31, 2009

Garrison turns 2!

Today is Garrison's 2nd birthday and we have celebrated it for about a week and a half. My sister and her family came into town on August 21st so we had Garrison's birthday at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday August 23rd which is my dad's birthday. Garrison enjoyed his birthday so much. He loved playing all the games and then enjoyed the birthday show. He also loved the yummy cupcakes! We had a great time celebrating with him and it was fun to see how much he enjoyed his party. 

Then last Thursday Jon's parents had us over for dinner to celebrate his birthday. He had fun opening presents and he was so excited about his cake. I had asked him about two weeks before his birthday what he wanted on his cake and he told me WORMS (Jon's sister had made a cake back in July for her sons birthday and it had gummy worms on it). Then he said he wanted Grandma (Jon's mom) to make him a chocolate cake with worms on it. She did exactly that and he loved every bite of it! He was very excited about his worm cake! 

Today he started his first day of preschool at Lynn Flowers where his Great Aunt Pat is the director. He will be going from 9:00 to 11:45 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He went right in and started playing with the race cars. We took cupcakes to his class today to celebrate his birthday again! Tonight my parents, Jon and I took Garrison again to Chuck E Cheese. Garrison had to wear his crown that he got at his birthday party. 

We have enjoyed these past two years so much with Garrison. We are so thankful and so blessed. We look forward to many more fun years with him. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swim Swim Swim!

Garrison took swimming lessons from his Great Aunt Pat and he is swimming! He has had plenty of pool time this summer since he stays during the day with either my mom or Jon's mom and they both have pools so taking swim lessons was a great bonus! He is not afraid at all of the water and will swim from the steps to you and then swim back on his own. Here's a short video from one of his lessons with Aunt Pat.