Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend in Georgia

Last weekend we flew to Atlanta Georgia for my cousins graduation from high school. We had a great weekend with family. We spent time at the park and Garrison had fun running after the geese, and walking the BIG golden retriever. The ice cream truck arrived at the park so the whole family went to get ice cream. Garrison loves ice cream! While at the park the guys decided to play a game of ultimate frisbee and Jon fell on his shoulder while catching the frisbee and separated his shoulder. So after a few hours at Urgent Care they put him in a immobilizer and told us to see an Orthopedic surgeon once we got home. We went to dinner with the family later that evening and Garrison had salsa for the first time, I guess salsa in Georgia is not as hot as our South Texas salsa...he really liked it! We had a great weekend even though Jon got hurt. He saw a surgeon when we got home and they said that it was a third degree ac joint separation but it will heal on its own with no surgery needed...we are very thankful for that!